9 Class-Standard of Alfa Centauri

  • Safe and conducive classes.
  • A fully challenging creative class, involving students’ left and right brain (visual instruments, multimedia, music, etc).
  • Each student feels grade material related to his personal goals.
  • Each student has a good hope in mastering the material.
  • The material is presented in step by step by using the knowledge that has been previously understood.
  • Preparing student’s emotional and physic (friendship, emotional closeness, teacher-student, and fellow students).
  • Fun, motivating, encouraging curiosity.
  • Learning in groups, sharing, and discussions.
  • The physical condition of comfortable classes (temperature, lighting, noise level, cleanliness, benches, and whiteboard).

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SD Alfa Centauri

Alfa Centauri Elementary School presents to answer the needs of the elderly that the school is able to perform the function of education, teaching, and care for their children. A full day school system of Alfa Centauri Elementary School is designed to optimize the talents, interests, and potential of children


  • Mushola (Prayer Room)
  • Air Conditioner
  • Projector
  • WiFI Hot Spot

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